Harpreet Ahluwalia (Founder)


  • Promote FM globally (Jobs, Research, Education, Practice).

  • Adding value to our members.

  • Sharing FM updates, knowledge and information.

  • Facilitate networking opportunities.

  • Sharing  FM best practices.

  • Building strategic partnerships globally.

  • Promoting green sustainability,  energy-efficient products, FM  software's, internet of  things (IOT), Integrating FM system   and building automation systems in FM.

  • FMers promotes Facilities Management(FM) sector globally and helps freshers to join Facilities Management industry. Our FM portals are free to use all working in Facilities Management sector to support the FM community.

  • FMers circulates facility mangement online content to building owners and influential executives in facility management. Our subscribers are engaged, motivated, manage financial budgets thus are the movers and shakers in the industry. With us you influence these type of high-ranking, influential readers. Building owners, VPs, directors, managers, maintenance engineers and other facility professionals who come to FMers looking for products, services and information that can help them maximize the performance of their buildings. 

  • FMers high user engagement and advertising positions, creates the perfect environment for your branding message. Meet the Buyers as marketing is all about knowing your audience and get to know your future customers. 

  • Online content includes:  FM Magazine, Bulletin eNewsletter, Partner Solutions, Online Display Advertising, Audience Extension, Market Research, Targeted Marketing, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Sponsored Content, Contextual Advertising, Sponsored Links, Digital Issue Advertising, Online Survey.