Harpreet Singh Ahluwalia  (FMers Founder)

I have 20 years experience in FM Operations , Sales, P&L, Administration, Support Services, Customer Service handling multiple sites Pan India working in 24/7 environment with SLA & KPI with large FM teams - Ensuring functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

As I have been operational within the Facilities Management (FM) sectors for past 20 years, both as clients and as service providers thus i believe that I can be instrumental in the evolution of the FM industry and can help to develop the FM profession from the front line, it is from this position that i offer a true differentiator to provide effective training to ensure the next generation of professionals can learn from our experience.

I develop tailor in-class training to meet the needs of your organization from grounds & custodial up to supervisors, managers and directors. I develop training materials to support managers in engaging and motivating front line service delivery teams and we provide training and support for individuals from basic introductory courses to FM Master classes for senior professionals and personal coaching and mentoring support.

As experienced facilities professional my mission is to assist FM organisations to achieve their strategic goals by enabling their people to provide consistent service excellence at the point of delivery. I do this by identifying and developing individual and team competences and behaviours whilst motivating and upskilling staff in innovative and dynamic ways that are fully aligned to each client's business values.

My training programs helps facilities management professional to adopt as per changing times. The training is delivered by me as I am both subject specialists and experienced practitioners. I work closely to deliver blended learning, coaching and mentoring expertise alongside your own internal learning program.

My robust training program can:
 Provide baseline knowledge and level-set understanding for staff
 Unify team and promote cohesiveness toward vision & mission
 Cultivate consistent service delivery and customer satisfaction
 Improve job satisfaction and staff retention
 Reduce overall operating costs
 Heighten recognition and perceived value of facility department


My Approach:
 Perform gap analysis reviewing at least the aforementioned key areas
 Develop program improvement plan
 Implement plan; assist as necessary
 Monitor performance and provide guidance
 Revise & update plan as necessary


Mindset Approach:
 Be highly aware of good and bad service wherever you are
 Design products, systems and processes from the customers’ point of view.
 Bring these things together to create customer intimacy
 Develop a positive team spirit that cares about success Insist on zero tolerance to poor service.
 Find ways to put Wow into your service
 Embrace feedback - complaints are opportunities